ProgRock kit

ProgRock kit
ProgRock kit ProgRock kit ProgRock kit ProgRock kit ProgRock kit
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This kit is a simple minimalist controller for the Si5351A Synth kit (included with the ProgRock kit). It is intended as a programmable crystal replacement. It has three independent outputs with frequency range 3.5kHz to approx 300MHz, and can be optionally GPS disciplined by a GPS with 1pps output such as our QLG1 GPS receiver kit.

NOTE: We are currently out of stock of the Si5351A Synth kit PCBs, which are part of this kit. 

We are waiting for the new boards to arrive and we expect to be able to ship your order around mid-March 2019. Please be aware and accept that your whole order will wait for the availability of this item. 

Kit features:

  • Includes Si5351A Synth kit and ProgRock PCB kit
  • Easy construction, no surface-mount components to solder (Si5351A already pre-soldered)
  • 3 independent 3.3V p-p squarewave outputs (2 if you use GPS discipline)
  • You can feed the output through our LPF kits to remove harmonics, to create sinewave outputs
  • 8 selectable “banks” of frequencies, chosen by 3 input control signals
  • Frequency range 3.5kHz to 200MHz
  • Extended frequency range up to approx. 300MHz if you don’t mind violating the Si5351A datasheet specifications
  • Quadrature output mode (Clk0 and Clk1 on same frequency but configurable 0, 90, 180 or 270-degree phase offset)
  • GPS frequency discipline using 1pps from a GPS receiver
  • Unique power supply noise filter circuit designed by Alan Gray G8LCO
  • Power supply voltage 5V, or using LM317LZ regulator (supplied), range is 5-12V DC
  • Minimalist configuration user interface using 4-way DIP switch, push button, and LED
  • Frequencies and configuration stored in non-volatilte memory (EEPROM) for next power-up

​Printed instructions are not supplied with the kit. For more details of this kit, and to download the assembly/operating manuals, please visit the ProgRock page by clicking here.

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