QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit

QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit
QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit QLG1 GPS Receiver module kit
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GPS Receiver module kit, including patch antenna.

This is a kit for a GPS receiver that uses the popular Mediatek chipset. The Mediatek chipset provides exceptionally high sensitivity and timing accuracy (10ns rms). The kit features a large PCB, specifically to provide a large ground-plane that provides 4.5dBic gain relative to a 30 x 30mm ground-plane. Most GPS modules with inbuilt patch antenna are even smaller than this. The kit has a 3.3V voltage regulator onboard and level converter to 5V logic levels. It may be connected directly to QRP Labs kits such as the Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR transmitter without any pullup resistors or other components. Three LEDs provide visual indication of status.

The RF module is pre-soldered to the PCB during manufacture. All other components of the kit are through-hole leaded components and easy to solder. 

The GPS receiver has the following features and advantages relative to a ready-built GPS module:

1) Fun and educational kit
2) higher sensitivity of built-in patch antenna, due to large PCB ground plane
3) Has onboard power / data / 1pps LEDs for an immediate visual indication of what is going on.
4) Built-in patch antenna, but also provides facility for SMA connector for external active antenna if preferred
5) Proper level conversion for use with 5V systems, not just pull-up resistors
6) Larger connection pads with 0.1-inch pitch, suitable for easy wire soldering or pin headers
7) all components already on-board, no need for anything other than wire, for connection to QRP Labs kits (and others)
8) Low cost

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