Terms & Conditions

1. Order fulfillment: QRP Labs will endeavor to ship all orders within 1 business day as long as items in the order are in stock. (except for VFO, U3S and Clock enclosures which are sent once per week on Mondays). If the items are not in stock then your order will wait until all items are in stock. We will try to keep all stock levels in the shop accurate and where an item is out of stock, place a warning on the shop page. Notwithstanding, sometimes errors can occur, despite our best intentions; if you have any concerns please raise a support ticket.

2. Shipping: QRP Labs kits are shipped from Turkey, except for
a) some enclosures (VFO, U3S, Clock) which are shipped directly from the factory that produces them in China, once per week on Mondays.
b) certain US orders are shipped from our US associate via USPS if he has stock that we have pre-shipped him from Turkey.
There is a lot more information on shipping here: https://qrp-labs.com/shipping#faq - if you have any questions or concerns raise a support ticket, but please check the shipping FAQ before raising a ticket, since your query may well be answered there already.

3. Taxes, VAT, Sales Tax: In some countries sales tax (VAT) is payable on import. QRP Labs is not EU IOSS registered (which is a much too heavy and expensive administrative overhead for small businesses). Be aware that your purchase at the QRP Labs shop does not include sales tax (VAT) and your country's post office or the shipper may assess you for tax and administration charges. QRP Labs does endeavor to ensure to the best of our ability, that your taxes will be minimal or zero. However ultimately any taxes are your responsibility as the purchaser.

4. Technical support: The best technical support is available on the QRP Labs forum and is the recommended way to get support with your kit; or if you wish, you may raise a support ticket.

5. Errors or missing kits, missing components etc: We try to pack the kits accurately and ship the orders accurately but despite best intentions, human error still occurs from time to time. If you have any issues with the items you received, please raise a support ticket and we will correct it for you as quickly as possible.

6. Assembled transceivers: QRP Labs provides an assembly/testing service. Demand is very high and there is often a significant waiting time. The waiting list is published here https://qrp-labs.com/qcxmini/assembled.html and you may track your order number on this list. By placing your order you are acknowledging and accepting this waiting time. If you have any concerns or need your order to be assembled more quickly please raise a support ticket and we will try to accommodate your request.

7. Cancellations: If you wish to cancel your order, please raise a support ticket; generally as long as your order has not been shipped yet, cancellation is no problem. Please note that if you paid your order by PayPal or Credit Card, the transaction fee paid is not refundable, the refund to your PayPal account or Credit Card is going to be after deduction of the fee. If you paid by Bank transfer then you will need to provide your bank details in order for us to be able to refund your payment. Refunds will also be net of any bank charges (though generally these are zero or very low).

8. Payments: Credit card transactions are handled by PayPal. PayPal transactions and credit card transactions are managed by the PayPal website. QRP Labs never sees your credit card details nor retains them in our database. QRP Labs does not have any capability to apply any charges to your credit card or PayPal account. Your PayPal or Credit Card payments are necessarily taken at the moment you place the order, not when the order is shipped. This is because as a small business, QRP Labs is not authorized to hold or process your credit card details.

9. Best efforts: Please understand QRP Labs is a small family business; any queries, helpdesk tickets, emails etc will be dealt with as fast as possible but inevitably there are some times such as family vacations, hamvention or hamfest trips etc when delays can occur.