• QMX SMPS boards

This item consists of the two SMPS buck converter power supply boards for the QMX transceiver.

These are replacement boards for the ones already in QMX, in case you damage them. They aren't any kind of optional extra for QMX.

  • Assembled PCB for Soft power switch, reverse polarity protection and 5V buck converter
  • Assembled PCB for the 3.3V linear converter and 3.3V buck converter
  • 2x3-pin female header connector
  • 2x4-pin female header connector

NOTE: these boards are only suitable for use in the QMX transceiver. They are not standalone voltage regulator boards for general purpose use. They can only be used in a QMX.

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QMX SMPS boards

  • Product Code: QMXSMPS
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