This useful shack accessory is a 50-ohm QRP dummy load kit. Features:

  • 20 1K 1W 1% resistors in parallel make a 20W dummy load
  • Peak voltage detector, for power measurement using a DVM
  • BNC connector (please note: it is threaded but there is no mounting nut)
  • Two identical PCBs with the resistors sandwiched between them, for low stray inductance
  • PCB size: 1.7 x 1.4 inches (43 x 36mm).

A printed assembly manual is not supplied with the kit; please download them from the Dummy Load page. The photographs above show the kit contents and example calibration graph made at 10MHz RF output, adjusted from under 1mW to 10W. Accurate power measurement was made using a peak-to-peak voltage reading from a 100MHz digital oscilloscope; the DVM was a cheap model (common yellow plastic type).


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50-ohm 20W Dummy Load

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  • $8.50

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