• ProgRock2 kit

ProgRock2 is currently out of stock; it is being manufactured; if you order now, your order will be shipped when the board manufacture is completed, it has been shipped to me, and tested. At the moment my best estimate for the final shipping date of your order is 20-Jul-2024. If there is any change to this estimate, I will publish it here.

A programmable crystal replacement. It has three independent outputs with frequency range 3.5kHz to approx 300MHz, and can be optionally GPS disciplined. Configuration is by a micro-USB connector and PC terminal emulator. For details of the kit options, see below.

Kit features:

  • Tiny size PCB, a little smaller than an HC6 crystal: 0.725 x 0.675 inches (18.4 x 17.1mm)
  • Factory assembled, ready-to-use (no assembly required)
  • 3 independent 3.3V p-p squarewave outputs (2 if you use GPS discipline)
  • You can feed the output through our LPF kits to remove harmonics, to create sinewave outputs
  • 8 selectable “banks” of frequencies, chosen by 3 input control signals
  • Frequency range 2kHz to 200MHz rom onboard Si5351A or MS5351M
  • Extended frequency range up to approx. 300MHz if you don’t mind violating the Si5351A datasheet specifications
  • Quadrature output mode (Clk0 and Clk1 on same frequency but configurable 0, 90, 180 or 270-degree phase offset)
  • GPS frequency discipline using 1pps from a GPS receiver
  • Power supply voltage 3.5V to 12V DC
  • Frequencies and configuration stored in non-volatilte memory for next power-up
  • QRP Labs Firmware Update (QFU) bootloader

​Printed instructions are not supplied with the kit. For more details of this kit, and to download the assembly/operating manuals, please visit the ProgRock page by clicking here.


1) QLG2 GPS receiver can be connected (1pps signal) for GPS-discipline of the synthesizer outputs. In this mode only two outputs are freely available for general purpose use.

2) 2x6-pin headers can be connected to the edge-connections on each side of the board (see photo); that can be used for connecting other cables or dupont cables etc. OR, install a single 2x6-pin header on the bottom edge (as viewed from the picture) which will give access to all three clock outputs, and the bank control pins. Then it could be installed in a project at right-angles.

3) 2x6-right-angled pin header: the type of pin header that has a 90-degree bend; if you install one of these 2x6-pin headers on each connector edge of the board, you will then have a sort of IC type of thing with 4 rows of 6-pins for all the connections, and can install this like an IC in a project of your own.

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ProgRock2 kit

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