QLG2 GPS accessory kit

A standard 1602 alphanumeric LCD module (80 x 36mm PCB) can be connected to the QLG2 GPS Receiver and used to show time (UT) and satellite information.

This kit comprises the necessary components (as pictured) to add this option to your QLG2:

1x Yellow/Green (black text) OR white-on-blue backlit 1602 LCD module
1x suitable trimmer potentiometer, installed on the QLG2 PCB it provides contrast adjustment
1x 16-pin male pin header connector
1x 16-pin female pin header connector
4x plastic hex M3 spacers to separate the boards
8x M3 6mm plastic screw

NOTE: the photos above show a backlit BLUE display for information purposes only. The display type supplied in this accessories kit is yellow/green, or blue, according to your choice.

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QLG2 GPS accessory kit

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