• v1.09 upgrade

Chip for the Ultimate QRSS kit, v1.09.

Note that the Ultimate QRSS kit is now retired and replaced by the Ultimate3. This is the chip for the OLD Ultimate Kit, not the new one!

Version Date Features
v1.00 19.May.2012 - Original kit firmware version
v1.01 23.Jun.2012 - Bug fix: to the “Frame” parameter (beacon can sometimes stop transmitting after 1 hour)
- Lowered the minimum frequency from 1,000,000 Hz to 450,000 Hz
v1.02 22.Jul.2012 - Bug fix: correcting the operation of the on/off keying in some modes
v1.03 31.Jul.2012 - Bug fix (cosmetic only): baud rate setting so it only accepts numeric characters
- Bug fix (cosmetic only): “frame” mode, waiting display was incorrect
- Improved GPS stabilisation algorithm
- Added ability to use different cursor types on the display
v1.04 07.Aug.2012 - Bug fix: correcting the conversion of GPS latitude and longitude to Maidenhead locator
v1.05 28.Aug.2012 - Bug fix: When “Start” is non-zero, it always transmitted one frame on the hour
- Removed the restriction on zero “FSK (Hz)” parameter
- Output a high signal on connector F0 when the GPS is enabled and the frequency is locked
- Now a space character in a custom message turns off the carrier
- New TEST2 mode cycles the frequency range in 128 frequency steps.
v1.06 23.Sep.2012 - New "Reset to factory" feature
- Output a high signal on connector pin F2 while transmitting a frame.
v1.07 12.Oct.2012 - Ignore any invalidly decoded GPS locator (no not write to EEPROM).
- Bug fix: rare Latitude/Longitude to Maidenhead locator conversion problem.
v1.08 01.Jul.2013 - Bug fix: after GPS fix, waiting time might not be recalculated causing missed cycles

NOTE: 18-Dec-2021: The ATmega328 chip is now unobtainable at any distributors, due to the global semiconductor shortage. We have managed to obtain stock to be able to continue offering this item, however, the price was very high and this has necessitated a temporary price increase of $2.79 which is currently included in the price of this item. 

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v1.09 upgrade

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