Arduino shield kit

Arduino shield kit
Arduino shield kit Arduino shield kit Arduino shield kit Arduino shield kit Arduino shield kit Arduino shield kit
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A versatile Arduino shield kit, which could be used as:

  • QRSS/WSPR Transmitter
  • Signal generator (using Si5351A module or AD9850 DDS module)
  • Clock generator (3 independent outputs, using Si5351A module kit)
  • GPS-disciplined reference
  • And more...

This kit is an Arduino shield kit only (additional items are shown in some of the photographs, to illustrate possible applications). The kit contains PCB, Arduino headers for connection to an Arduino Uno, Reset button, 4-way headers for plugging in an LPF module, two 10-way headers for plugging in a frequency synthesiser module, necessary components for a QRP power amplifier (around 1/4 Watt on 30m band; varies depending on band), and BNC connector for RF output.

An Arduino board and additional plug-in modules should be purchased as required for your intended application. It is compatible with the QRP Labs LPF kit, QRP Labs Si5351A module kit, QRP Labs OCXO/Si5351A module kit, and QRP Labs relay-switched LPF kit. It can also be used with the SKM61 GPS receiver module, and popular AD9850 DDS modules.

A printed assembly manual is not supplied with the kit; please download them from the Arduino shield kit page. The page also contains Arduino sketch examples.

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