QCX+ Dev Board

QCX+ Dev Board
QCX+ Dev Board
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The QCX+ development board kit is for anyone who wishes to experiment or modify their QCX+. The development board kit consists of a kit of parts including a PCB with the following features:

  1. High quality, double-sided PCB sized 95mm x 120mm (see PCB CAD exported diagram in the photos above)
  2. Through-hole plated holes with solder pads on top and bottom sides, on a standard 0.1-inch (2.54mm) matrix
  3. Ring of holes around the outside edge are all connected to ground
  4. Holes in the PCB are drilled to allow a screwdriver adjustment of the C1 trimmer capacitor, and the three trimmer potentiometers
  5. holes for fitting pin header connectors that mate with connectors on the main QCX+ PCB, for:
    a) Power (Gnd, +5V, 12V)
    b) Si5351A Clk0/1/2 outputs)
    c) I2C bus
    d) ISP header
    e) Frequency counter, DVM and RF Power inputs
    f) I and Q outputs (IC5 pin 1 and 7)
    g) I and Q path phase shift outputs
    h) CW filter input and output
    i) Audio amplifier input and output
    j) GPS header
    k) CAT control and PTT signals
    l) All pins of the PTT, CAT and Audio connectors

The dev kit consists of the following items:

  • 95 x 120mm PCB
  • 4pcs 12mm nylon hex spacer for mounting the PCB above the main QCX+ board
  • 8pcs 6mm M3 nylon screw 
  • 8pcs 2-way female header connector
  • 1pcs 20-way male header connector (may be broken into smaller pieces as desired)

Your imagination and dreams are not included! 

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