This is a set of all the ktis you need to build the sinewave output signal generator described in App Note AN006. Using VFO kit firmware s1.03 or above, the firmware can operate the VFO/SigGen kit with the 6-band relay-switched LPF kit, and six LPF kits. It automatically selects the optimum LPF for the operating frequency. The result is a high quality sinewave. In the prototype measurements, the output was a flat 10.8dBm +/- 0.4dBm across the range 2.9 to 34MHz with worst-case spurious outptus at -45dBc.

Sinewave HF Sig Gen set contents:

Optional extras:

  • QLG2 high-sensitivity GPS receiver kit, for GPS discipline of the output frequency to better than 0.1 parts per million
  • VFO enclosure kit, drilled, printed, and with controls, connectors and accessories. Shipped separately from China by tracked China Post airmail
  • OCXO version of the Si5351A Synth kit
  • 20mm knob for the rotary encoder
  • TCXO - 25MHz TCXO which provides excellent frequency stability compared to the stock 27MHz crystal in the supplied Si5351A Synth kit. 

The kits are easy to build, with through-hole components only (no surface mount soldering). 

NOTE... LPF bands: if you want to have different LPF bands than the 6 listed above, that is fine! Please specify the required changes on the customer notes entry in the order form. 

NOTE... GPS: All the above kits will fit together inside the supplied enclosure, including the QLG2/QLG2-SE. However, QLG2/QLG2-SE modules are supplied with an active patch antenna and 2m coax; you will need to make an additional hole in the rear panel to connect coax through the box for this antenna.

Please read the manuals and understand your kits before purchase. 

Printed instructions are not supplied with the kit! You need to download the following PDF instruction documents (click links to go to the web page where you can download the document):

NOTE: 18-Dec-2021: The ATmega328 chip is now unobtainable at any distributors, due to the global semiconductor shortage. We have managed to obtain stock to be able to continue offering this item, however, the price was very high and this has necessitated a temporary price increase of $2.79 which is currently included in the price of this item. 

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HF Sinewave VFO/SigGen set

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