Clock kit

Clock kit
Clock kit
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Full details are on the Clock kit page.

Customisable shack clock with optional GPS interface, displays time, date, GPS parameters and temperature (two temperature sensors may optionally be connected).

The clock also features SIDEREAL TIME (both Greenwich and Local Sidereal time, calculated using the longitude from the GPS data).

This clock kit is based on the same kit (PCB, components etc) as the Ultimate3 QRSS/WSPR transmitter kit, but with a different firmware version (and of course, no LPF kit or Si5351A module kit). Some components for the U3S kit will be included in the Clock kit bag but are not used.

A GPS receiver module such as the QRP Labs QLG1 kit can optionally be connected directly to the clock kit. One GPS kit can be connected to multiple kits (e.g. Clock kit, VFO/SigGen kit, Ultimate3S kit). The clock can also operate independently without GPS, or with another 1 pulse per second (pps) signal source.

The clock can be configured to display time, date, and various information decoded from the GPS serial data stream. Two Analogue temperature sensors an optionally be connected to the kit, so that temperature measurements can be displayed (for example, indoor and outdoor temperature). The contents of the display are configurable. The photographs on this page show the default configuration of the clock display.

The clock has 10 configurable alarms, which can also control I/O signals or activate relays if connected. These could be a QRP Labs TX2/5V relay (available in this shop), or the QRP Labs 6-band relay board. There is a local time zone offset feature so that you can display both GPS UT time and your local time and date. For full list of features please refer to the operating manual. 

Printed assembly and operating manuals are not supplied with the kit; please download them from the clock kit page.

A drilled, cut, silk-screen printed enclosure is available (click checkbox above when ordering), with an accessories kit containing connectors, buttons/switches, and mounting hardware. See the clock case page for details.

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