Please click here for full description. This enclosure kit is similar to the Ultimate3S enclosure (PICTURED), but has a different front panel. The front panel text is "Clock". The rear panel does not have a hole for the BNC socket. Two of the photographs above shows the Clock front and rear panels. 

This kit contains:

  • 4-part black anodised aluminium case, 122 x 45 x 160mm deep, including 8 screws
  • 2x toggle switch
  • 2x push button, red colour (formerly the kit was supplied with black coloured buttons pictured)
  • 4x self-adhesive cabinet feet
  • 4x 6mm nylon hex spacer for mounting U3 to front panel
  • 4x black metal M3 screw for mounting U3 to front panel
  • BNC socket (NOT used in the Clock kit)
  • Power socket
  • Matching power plug
  • 9-way D-connector (to be used for GPS, programming, whatever you want)


This kit is manufactured and shipped from China, separate to the other kits. Please understand that if you have ordered multiple items, the box is going to come separately.

You have a choice of shipment by sea, or by air mail (both China Post).

If you choose sea shipment, the box is going to come S.L.O.W.L.Y... it takes around 8-10 weeks, so please click here to check the shipping statistics collected so far, for your country... The rest of the items will probably reach you first. So please be patient about it.


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Clock case kit

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